Try This to Increase Your LinkedIn Post Views

Building your personal brand on LinkedIn takes a lot of time and patience. It is not enough to have a profile. You need to get the attention of the people you want to influence.

To be effective on LinkedIn, you need to provide content of value, engage with your network, and reach the right people through your posts.

Get More Post Views

As with all social platforms, LinkedIn wants its members to stay on the platform and engage there. Its algorithms favor certain content types over the others. Understanding what is favored is important to your success.

If you want to maximize your LinkedIn post reach, post text-based content without links. Crazy, but true. You don’t want to link your posts to anything.

While you don’t want to have links, you do want to cover these favored elements:

  • Use a LinkedIn hashtag
  • Provide information that is targeted at your intended audience
  • Share stories on topics that your network cares about

Pair Articles with Status Posts

LinkedIn articles give you a chance to create content that your connections value. Articles that fall into your area of expertise and that do not have links have the greatest chance of success.

But you can’t simply publish articles. You need to do more to make sure that content gets seen.

To help boost the reach of your LinkedIn article, create an all-text, shortened version and post it as a status update on your profile.

Next, make a comment on your post (yes, your own post) and include the link to the article in that comment. LinkedIn’s algorithm demotes posts with links, so put the link into the comments.

Your reach numbers are just the first step. You also need to engage with readers, particularly those who provide feedback through likes, comments or shares. Be sure to engage with everyone who acts on your content in any way.

Build Your LinkedIn Presence with Content

Having a LinkedIn profile is not enough. You need to share content on LinkedIn to establish a meaningful presence. Here are some tips to get more views on your LinkedIn posts.

Focus on Status Updates

LinkedIn status updates get good reach on the platform. Often, these short posts get more attention than longer LinkedIn Pulse articles. If you write a longer article, create an all-text, shortened version and post it as a LinkedIn update along with the link to the article.

Put Links in the Comments

LinkedIn’s algorithm is believed to demote any post with link, in an effort to keep people on LinkedIn rather than link them elsewhere. A workaround is to put the link into the comments. Tell your readers about it so they can go to your comment if they want to check out the full article.

We all can read news in many places. What makes your posts valuable is your unique take on the topic. Offer your views.

Offer Something of Value

Offering something for free can get a lot of traction. To work, you need to know what free items your network will find useful.

Be You

It is okay to share a personal experience that you can relate to your professional life. The more human you are on LinkedIn, the more people will value the connection.