Pitchengine Can Help Your Story to Get Attention

PitchEngine is a social platform to enable public relations pros to pitch their stories. Unlike traditional wire services, PitchEngine enables users to openly create and share their own content, while including images, videos and attachments . You can try the service for free, but the basic plan is $39/month. Free would be much better. Features of… Read More

What to Include in an Online Newsroom

Including a newsroom as part of your website helps the media and also boosts SEO. Perpetually “on deadline” media folks want information fast. They will logically come to you first for information about you. Feed the need or they will go elsewhere. And because you always want this area to have fresh and accurate information,… Read More

NPE2009 Pressroom Emphasizes Access to Information

We communicators often look to the media to help get our messages out. Pressrooms have become standard fare at websites. But how to get the media to use this resource? As part of my work with Balance Technology Group, I recently supported the launch of a pressroom for the NPE2009 show. The pressroom provides single-page… Read More