Managing Conflict With Courage

Guest Post by Samantha Villegas, APR It’s been said public relations is one of the most stressful careers to have. And no wonder. Few professions are more fraught with impossible deadlines, higher stakes, faster speeds, and crazier conflicts. Nothing derails a job, a project, or even a career faster than conflict. If you Google “conflict… Read More

How to Get ‘Em Talking About You Behind Your Back

Guest post by Robb Deigh, RDC Public Relations (    Word-of-mouth PR is a great, cost-effective way to help raise your company’s visibility and boost business. You have customers, business contacts, partners, suppliers, friends and others who are willing to help spread the word about your products and services. You just have to ask them to do so.… Read More

The Intersection Between PR and Content Marketing

With more and more marketers working to place content in external channels there is a growing overlap between the role of public relations and the role of content marketing. While the two efforts can be complimentary, PR is not content marketing. First, let’s be clear–I am talking about public relations, not spin. PR is about… Read More