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Out with old marketing practies

3 Marketing Practices to Ditch

Here are three marketing practices that are no longer effective. Let them go! While you may be leaving something you are comfortable with, this makes room for new ideas. Campaign Mindset The concept of a campaign has the concept of a start and finish baked in. Real companies and real initiatives don’t work like that. […]

Relationship Marketing

How to Focus Your Marketing on Relationship Building

The most effective marketing focuses on building relationships with the target customer. The opposite of “one and done”, relationship marketing connects your brand with people for ongoing interaction. How do you build your brand relationships? There’s a lot more that goes into building connections than simply clicking like on social posts or passing our business […]

Email marketing

Email Marketing Checklist

Email marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing tactics to nurture a relationship with your clients and prospects. Inboxes are crowded places, but research still demonstrates that email gets the best engagement and return on investment. Here I offer a checklist of best practices for effective email marketing. Build Your Own List Build […]