Moving from Target Audience to Customer

Every business needs to understand its target customer. The best businesses invest time and energy into developing a deep, granular understanding of that target. They move beyond “middle age women” to “married women in their 50s with no children living at home who live along the East Coast and have a strong interest in gardening,… Read More

Market Your Business with Social Media the Right Way

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media have become part of every aspect of life. What does that mean for small business owners? Collectively, these and other online marketing opportunities present great opportunities for every kind of business. Start by Thinking Social There is a reason that these platforms are called social media, rather than… Read More

Think Through These Content Questions Before You Post

You are sharing content on social media – great! But posting is not enough. You have to post the right things to reach the right people. Here are some questions to work through to make sure you are positioned for success in your online communication efforts. The 5 Ws of Social Engagement Who do you… Read More