Reuse Your Content!

Publishing a piece of content is just the start. If you are not using each item to inspire more content, you are missing a great opportunity.

Think Evergreen

Content is not one and done. Most of what you talk about today is still relevant into the future. Keep an inventory of your content (I use Excel) and revisit it in a few months. Most often, you can refresh your ideas and have a whole new content item! Change the messaging, the focus, and re-shape the emphasis.

New Format, New Content

Move your content to a new format and it is new again! A blog post can become a video. A video can become a meme. Give each theme new life by sharing it in different formats.

Edit to a New Length

Adding or reducing content can create a whole new piece of content. Pay attention to reader reactions. Focus a post on the item that gets the most attention. Or, expand to address common questions. Another idea is to take your key points and present them in an image or infographic. Give new life to your idea.

Share Elsewhere

Many outlets welcome your previously published content. Make sure you space publication dates two weeks or more. Change up the title/headline and the first paragraph whenever possible.