Build the Right Reputation Online

Reputation matters. Like people, businesses have a reputation. You want yours to be one that attracts customers. Today’s businesses need to pay particular attention to their online reputation. Your customers are online to get and share information. You need a strategy to make sure that the impression you create online is a positive and accurate… Read More

Follow the Mentions of Your Brand

Frustrated by trying to monitor all the social media sites out there for posts and comments about you? There’s a fire hose of information that is hard to keep up with. Here’s a tool that you can consider: Awario follows all the mentions of your brand across the web. Awario offers a 14-day trial period, after which… Read More

Your Online Reputation May Be Harming Your Business

As business people, we all pay attention to what we present to our customers. Is our store tidy and are the right products features? Does our appearance strike the right impression at meetings? Do we listen to customers and potential customers to really understand their needs. All good, but what about your business online? Today’s… Read More