Tools to Manage Your Online Reputation

Your brand’s reputation affects your business directly.  Your online reputation is as important as the word on the street. I have previously posted about the importance of managing your online reputation, and now I offer some tools that help. Mention Mention is like Google Alerts, only more so! You are  able to compare your brand with… Read More

Your Brand Needs to Listen In on Social Conversations

Judge Judy is fond of reminding people in her courtroom that we have two ears and one mouth, meaning we should listen twice as long as we speak. Truth, even for brands. Every brand needs to have a social listening strategy. Social listening happens when you monitor and analyze conversations across social media to better… Read More

One Simple Way to Manage Your Online Reputation

Guest Post by Christian Hamilton, As the Internet’s influence on society has grown, it has provided previously unfathomable advancements to the realms of record-keeping and fact checking. Unfortunately, those advancements have also come with a cost. With no expiration date on our old tweets and little context to our photos and private messages, our words… Read More