Want to Boost Sales? Do Less “Selling”

Guest Post By Colin Spence, Outsourced Sales VP, Sales Xceleration. One of the common complaints owners of businesses often have about dealing with salespeople is that they are, well, “too salesy.” By that they mean that salespeople are often too pushy, too persistent, too determined to make a sale regardless of whether that sale is… Read More

Convert Contacts into Business Leads

We all watch our follower numbers. It’s a bit addictive. Did I break 1,000? Who unfollowed me? As marketers, we know a following is not the ultimate goal. We want business. We need to convert contacts into business leads and, ultimately, customers. First, we need to attract followers and connections. Next, we need to gain… Read More

How to Manage Your Time to Improve Sales if You Are a Sales Manager

Guest Post by┬áJessica Watson It will be not wrong if it is said that the growth or success of the company or an organization is dependent on the sales manager. The sales manager has to manage lots of parallel tasks to achieve the target. Also, the sales manager has to accommodate and assign functions to… Read More