Avoid These SEO Mistakes

Search Engine Optimization is nuanced, with best practices being influenced by your industry and your target customers. However, there are best practices every brand should follow. Common SEO mistakes that I see: slow site speed, content not optimized for keywords, lack of meta data, and no attention to the mobile experience. Fast Sites Win Search… Read More

Get Ready for Voice Search

A recent survey found that almost 60% of U.S. adults say they have used┬ávoice search. Searches where someone speaks to a device – their phone, smart speaker, and the like – are increasing. Every brand needs to optimize for voice search. SEO best practices have focused on text-based searches. Voice searches are different and require… Read More

Tracking Your SEO Efforts

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a pain! First you need to figure out your keywords and the other elements that go into ranking well. Then you need to do the work. Finally, you need to figure out if your SEO strategy works. Search results are highly volatile. There are so many factors: Ranking algorithms change… Read More