7 SEO Issues to Review with Your Tech Support

Using the right words and phrases and paying attention to online content are the highly visible elements of search engine optimization (SEO). There are factors that relate to more technical details of your online presence. Whether you decide to research and fix these items yourself or just ask your tech support about them, here is… Read More

Google My Business Listing Essential for SEO

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about search engine optimization (SEO) may be keywords married with a goal to be in the “10 ten search results.” A large player in your search visibility may be something you have scarcely noticed: your Google My Business listing. Your listing plays a large role… Read More

Voice Search Rises

Voice-enabled search, enabled by virtual assistants and other voice-powered technology, is growing. Content marketers need to shape their content to remain relevant to the changes this brings. Google Home, Siri by Apple, Cortana by Microsoft, or Amazon’s Alexa all enable voice searches. In mid-2016, voice search represented 20 percent of queries on Google’s mobile app… Read More