Interview at the StartUp to Growth Blog

I was recently interviewed by Robin Suomi, another business person here in Loudoun. She shared my thoughts at her blog. Just over a year into officially being in business as Kurtz Digital Strategy, it was a great time to reflect on the journey and share insights while they are fresh. 3 Tips for Starting Your… Read More

Small Business Not Seeing Results on Social Media? Here’s Why.

Social Media Marketing is a cost-effective way to reach a target audience. Yet a recent new survey from Manta shows that only 24% of small businesses see a positive return from their efforts on social media. I help clients work through this type of frustration all the time. Here are some common reasons businesses don’t see the results they… Read More

Are You Working Below Your Pay Grade?

Guest Post by Mary Polsley Williams, owner of The Alternative Board in Northern VA It is always easier to do something yourself than have somebody else do it, right?  All too often, business owners wear so many hats in their business they lose sight of the fact a number of these activities are well below… Read More