Small Business Not Seeing Results on Social Media? Here’s Why.

Social Media Marketing is a cost-effective way to reach a target audience. Yet a recent new survey from Manta shows that only 24% of small businesses see a positive return from their efforts on social media. I help clients work through this type of frustration all the time. Here are some common reasons businesses don’t see the results they… Read More

The State of Social Media in 3 Graphics

These three graphics assembled by ClickZ Intelligence offer a great snapshot of the state of social media today. Who’s On Social Media? The social media population of today is the same as the total world population in the 1950s. Social media are shaping every aspect of the world today, from politics to social causes to food… Read More

Make Your Team Your Best Social Media Asset

Tear up your social media policy that tells your employees that they can’t represent your company online. Do it. Your employees should be your most important advocates on social media. Encourage, don’t discourage. Hear me out. You do need to start with  the right foundation. Social advocacy depends on having an engaged and enthusiastic staff… Read More