The Elephant in the Room Is Getting Larger

Facebook, the largest of all social media channels, just keeps growing. Predictions are that it will achieve 2 billion users by the end of 2017. That is a whole lot of people. You online marketing and communication strategy must leverage Facebook. People of all ages and interest are on Facebook and most use it every… Read More

Fundamentals of Social Media Management

Using social media means much more than posting content on one or more social channels. To see results, you need to be strategic. Develop a social media strategy The first step is always to develop a detailed social media strategy. Without a strategy you are just spending (wasting?) time with no purpose. A solid social… Read More

Getting Started with Instagram

Just when we we were all getting used to social media meaning a Twitter-Facebook world, along comes Instagram. With an estimated 500 million active users globally, Instagram is worthy of consideration in your social media mix. Success is there for you. Get ready to think visual. . Your Tool for Visual Storytelling Instagram is a… Read More