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Build Your Online Brand in 7 Easy Steps

Whether you are an individual professional or are representing an organization online, you need to define your brand. That’s right, even individuals need a brand. A brand is how we differentiate in business terms from everyone else. That’s how you get a job or make the right professional connections. It is how businesses find the […]

How to Use Social Media in Online Marketing

How to Use Social Media in Online Marketing

Is social media part of your online marketing for your brand? There are many reasons it should be. Here is an an outline on how to use social media in online marketing. Most Americans use one or more social channels, so it is a great way to connect with your audience. Many small businesses struggle […]

How to use Instagram

Is Instagram Right for Your Brand?

Instagram is a social media platform with a strong focus on sharing visual content. It is used by over a billion users worldwide. Is the platform a good place to market your business? Instagram by the Numbers While Instagram continues to rise in popularity, its daily login is still second to Facebook. 63% of Instagram […]