Free Webinar: What’s the ROI of an Influencer?

Social Media Today is offering a webinar, “What’s the ROI of an Influencer?” on Nov. 12 at 12pm ET/9am PT. Influencer marketing takes into account the value of social networks in which the opinions of some individuals carry more weight than those of others. While traditional marketing broadcasts a message to an entire demographic, influencer… Read More

Free Webinar: Employees as Brand Advocates

“Empowering Employees: Could Your Staff Be Your Best Brand Advocates?” is a free Social Media Today webinar offered on June 11 at noon. Are you overlooking brand advocates right in front of your eyes? Now that most brands have adopted basic social marketing strategies, marketers are looking to leverage brand advocates to tell their brand’s… Read More

Social Marketing: Outsourcing vs. In-House

Does your social marketing require full-time staff on your team, or can you assign your social network management to an outside agency? A free Social Media Today webinar will explore this question. April 16, 2013,noon Depending on resources, size, and goals, the best solution to resourcing your social campaigns will vary widely. Join us as… Read More