Write Tweets That Win

Here are guidelines to follow to write the most effective tweets. Here’s how to make the most of each tweet you write.

Aim for 70- 120 words. Twitter has a 280-character limit, but research shows that longer tweets don’t get the most engagement.

Be relevant. Twitter is the channel for news, so make sure your tweet reflects a sense of immediacy and relevance. Every tweet should speak to your audience and link them to a place where they can get more detail if wanted.

Use hashtags. Tweets with hashtags get twice the engagement of tweets without them. Aim for about 2 hashtags per post. Use the most relevant hashtags to connect your content with your niche and your audience. There are no rewards for volume!

Don’t be minimalist – tweet with enough volume to be seen. Twitter streams are firehoses of information. If you have something to say, you need to say it more than once to be sure it is seen. Tweet multiple times a day, and tweet on multiple days. Twitter can be a great way to test different ways to present your message. Seeing what catches attention can give you insight into your content on other channels. Do more of what works!

Use this Strategy to Get the Most from Twitter

Twitter can be a worthy part of your digital marketing strategy. If you have determined that this is a good way to connect with and engage your target audience, here are tips to make the most of your time on the platform.

Keep in mind all that you can do on Twitter:

  • Share images and videos
  • Tag accounts
  • Go live
  • Find people and conversations and interact with them

Basic Twitter Strategy

  • Tweet daily, multiples times a day.  Aim for three times per day. These don’t have to all be original tweets. You can retweet others, and retweet others along with your own comments as well. Tweets can cover the same topic, but each should be unique in some way.
  • Use hashtags. Research the hashtags that are relevant to you, your brand and your audience and use them regularly. Also monitor for new and trending hashtags that are relevant, and capitalize on any that are relevant.
  • Respond to notifications that are genuine. Unfortunately there are a lot of bot accounts out there and even a lot of real people who automate their twitter conversations. Ignore all that, but do respond to genuine tweets and messages.
  • Search for relevant conversations. Search for topics related to your brand and services and join in relevant conversations.
  • Pin important tweets to the top of your profile. This will generate maximum exposure for your most important tweets.
  • Provide video content. You can do something basic or more complex, but video gets noticed on Twitter. You can share created video or go live to great video content.
  • Participate in Twitter chats.  Look for chats that your audience participates in and join in too. Take the time to be a part of the conversation and add value.

15 Great Things to Tweet About

Looking for Twitter content ideas for your digital strategy? Here are 25 ideas to consider. Any of these should be able be used in ways that support your online goals.

Remember that Twitter users expect a stream of content, so plan for more than one post each business day.

  1. Respond to something someone else says about you
  2. Follow relevant hashtags and participate in the conversation by adding your take
  3. Thank a customer, partner, etc for something great they did to support your biz
  4. Recognize a customer or partner for something they do well
  5. Share a photo from the view from your office today
  6. Share your agenda – where are you headed next and why
  7. Ask a question to learn more about what your followers (and the twitterverse) thinks
  8. Share something that made you laugh
  9. Recommend a person or a brand to follow
  10. Celebrate a business or personal milestone
  11. Discuss a book you just read and why it matters
  12. Share insight into one of your products or services
  13. Take inspiration from a current event to illustrate where your business fits in
  14. Share something you just learned
  15. Dig out a photo from the past