Test Your Website Navigation

Great website content is only found with great website navigation. Tree testing can help you to effectively evaluate your site navigation and avoid common mistakes. A tree test evaluates a hierarchical category structure, or tree, by having users find the locations in the tree where specific tasks can be completed. It helps you quickly determine whether… Read More

You’ll Be Amazed at What You Can Learn from Competitor Websites

Planning to re-do your website? Start with your competitors. An often overlooked and extremely insightful exercise is to look at what your competitors offer online and how well they are serving your target audiences.  I often compare the website development process to building a house and there’s nothing more insightful that looking inside a few… Read More

Cost Effective User Experience Testing

User testing is critical to developing an effective web presence and ensuring that your ongoing web development allows and encourages the desired user experience. There are many testing tools available, many free, but my company has started using UserZoom with great results. UserZoom provides an all-in-one, cloud-based software platform designed to help companies cost-effectively test,… Read More