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Relationship Marketing Trends

These Social Media Trends Boost Relationship Marketing

Last year changed a lot of things including social media. Current trends in video use, e-commerce and social listening have potential to enhance relationship marketing impact. Social media will continue to  play a role in how brands interact with their audience, share content and break into new markets. More Opportunities for Video Content Video content […]

YouTube is an important marketing platform

How to Use YouTube for Marketing

YouTube is known as a video platform. It is certainly the free and easy place to house videos. However, it is increasingly gaining importance as a social network. Why? YouTube is the second–most-visited website and has the second highest volume of online searches. Those stats alone are worthy of the attention of any marketer. YouTube […]

5 Easy LinkedIn Video Ideas

Just about every time I check my LinkedIn feed, I am greeted with a video by employee benefits expert Jim White. I met Jim through the Loudoun Chamber and he sure knows how to network! I met him over coffee the other day and he shared that the videos really help him get attention on […]