Storytelling Interview Questions – A Tool for Gathering Stories with Emotional Connection

Guest Post by Elissa Leif, CEO, MiniMatters, LLC As Jill wrote in a recent post, getting emotional with your audience is a good strategy, as emotional connection with your organization leads to more engagement and spending. At MiniMatters Video + Marketing, our prime area is video, which provides many opportunities for building this sort of… Read More

Apps that Help You Create Visual Content

Great visual content can make the difference between being seen and being missed online. Adding an image or video to just about any message will increase the changes your marketing or communication effort will get attention. There can be a large chasm between knowing that you need to create visual content and actually being able… Read More

How to Add Video to Your Mix

I’ve been writing about the need to be visual in online communication for a while. There are one billion YouTube users and posts on all social channels with images and videos get consistently higher engagement. I see proof with clients. Those who have videos and regularly use them as part of the content mix get great… Read More