Graphic Design Trends

Design experts say 2021 is the year that people will look to graphic design for new and different –– but also reassuring and less overwhelming ––  experiences. Here are some new ideas to consider.

Organic and Natural Colors

Organic and natural shades are on trend. Oranges and teals are replacing drab neutrals to evoke warmth and comfort. Overall, colors are reflecting a tone of calm. Also trending is the use of grains and gradients. These techniques are used to create depth and dimension.

Socially-Conscious Design

Social unrest and movements for anti-racism have captured national attention, and people expect brands and businesses to take notice and evaluate where they stand. Key trends include:

  • sustainability through natural iconography, neutral color palettes, and eco-conscious materials
  • diverse voices and perspectives
  • affirming various identities and imperfections

Mix of Natural and Manufactured

We are eager to reconnect with the  environment. Design that reflects the juxtaposition of the natural and the manufactured, earth and metal, organic and inanimate are gaining popularity.

Symbols Gain Importance

Carefully chosen and constructed symbols are finding their way into more designs to create identity. Emoji’s have demonstrated the power of communicating with simple images, and design is taking note.

Does Your Website Need a Redesign? Take the Test

Does your website need a redo? Take the test. The more YES answers, the more likely you need a redesign.

Do you get a failing grade in Google’s speed checker?

Google’s page speed analyzer will give you a rating. If you are in the yellow or red zone, your site is too slow. Slow websites reduce user satisfaction. Worse, slow speed can negatively impact search rank.

Is it hard to make updates and add new features?

Are you struggling to add new pages, content or features? Modern tools make all of these easy to do, without the intervention of a web developer.

Is the site branding outdated?

Brands evolve over time and your website needs to reflect your latest. Color, typography, logos, and images communicate a brand’s values and leave a lasting impression on visitors.

Do text and images get cut off on mobile devices?

Most web browsing happens on mobile devices these days. If your site does not work well on small screens, you are turning away site visitors.

Is your content missing from the first page of results for key search terms?

Major search engines use hundreds of factors to rank websites, including usability, content, and design. If you aren’t ranking for important search phrases, it may be time for changes.

Do visitors tell you they can’t find what they need?

This can be a sign of missing content or confusing navigation. Simple navigation leads to the best user experience.

Time to refresh?

There are many reasons a website may be struggling. You may need a refresh or a complete redo. I can help you explore your options and get your website working hard for you. Contact me today and let’s get started.

New Year, New Website?

Your website is your online home base. How’s it holding up? Is it time for a redo or a refresh?

Your website is your most valuable marketing asset. It has a significant impact on your online visibility and user experience. If your website design isn’t generating marketing results, it may be time to change things up.

7 Hints Your Site May Need an Update

1. You can’t perform site updates

If you can’t update your site regularly and easily it is time for a new site! You can’t market effectively with stale content. You just can’t.

2. Your web pages load slowly

Every one-second delay in page load time reduces usability. People are impatient! They will leave before they ever see a word of your content. Search engines know this and actually down-rank slow sites. Speed matters.

3. Your design is outdated

Does your website design reflect your current brand? Color, typography, logos, and images communicate a brand’s values and leave a lasting impression on visitors. Does the design reflect modern aesthetics? Your site design visually communicates the “freshness” of your brand.

4. Your site looks bad on mobile

Everyone uses their phones to do everything. If your site doesn’t work well on small screens, your business will suffer. Again, search engines down-rank sites that don’t render properly on mobile devices.

5. You don’t rank well on search engines

If you aren’t ranking for important search phrases, it is time to update your site. The cause can be stale content or stale development. Whatever the cause, you need to fix it. If you aren’t visible on search, you aren’t marketing to anyone online.

6. You are missing important functionality

“Important” varies by industry, but if your site does not have the tools your clients expect, it needs an update. This could be an appointment tool or a chat feature. It could be the ability to make purchases or reservations online. If you don’t have what your customer expects, you are losing business.

7. Cluttered navigation

We are all done with too much navigation. We expect few choices and streamlined surfing. Users today expect to scroll, not click. If you still have multiple menus and lots of drop down choices, you need to streamline.

Time to refresh?

These items may indicate a need to refresh your existing site or develop a completely new site. Your budget may also impact how much you can do at once or whether incremental changes are best.

What you can’t do is ignore your site. Make a plan to make the changes you need. Likely, the effort will pay for itself.

Let me know if I can help you determine the best way to get your website working at top performance for you.