The Right Landing Page Can Turn Digital OK to Digital Wow

Your digital strategy is all about driving traffic to your website – your online home base. Taking time to make the pages you send people to – your landing pages – a great and well presented experience can create the engagement and conversion you are looking for. When visiting your site, customers expect an experience… Read More

LinkedIn to Offer Website Insights

New from LinkedIn: Website Demographics will provide insights into who’s visiting your website, based on their listed LinkedIn data. The free service is being rolled out over the next few weeks. It works like Facebook’s Pixel and Google Analytics tags. You will need to add some code to each web page that you want to track. LinkedIn… Read More

Your Website Metrics Have Something to Say

Your website metrics are more than numbers, they are telling you a story about your website. Part of that story is about your information architecture (IA) – what’s working and what’s not. Here are three metrics that suggest a problem with your IA. Low Traffic The volume of traffic to pages and sections within your… Read More