The Pitfalls of Audience Based Navigation

It’s seems like such a great idea – arrange your website navigation around the primary audiences that use it. The only problem is that this approach is often more confusing than helpful. Understanding the audience is such a critical component to website strategy, that it becomes very tempting to design the site around the insights… Read More

Time Craigslist Paid Attention to Usabilty

I am a long time fan of Craigslist. When founder Craig Newmark spoke at the 2008 PRSA International Conference in Detroit I cheered when he discussed his focus on usability over eye-candy design. I am starting to wonder what happened to that laser focus. Craigslist is not user-friendly. It’s old-school set up, combined with a… Read More

Web 101: Answering Visitor Questions

Visitor behavior at our websites can offer great insight into their needs and concerns. Looking at data and form inputs is great, but don’t lose sight of the need to have a more immediate way to answer questions. Enter the frequently asked questions (FAQ) page. I’ll admit I have never been a great fan of… Read More