Learn How to Control Your Online Reputation

dna13 offers a white paper to help organizaions learn tactics to get involved in social media while ensuring control over reputation and brand value. The paper covers: Tactics for incorporating social media into communications strategy Strategies for managing the power shift from traditional media to consumer driven social media Tips for selecting the appropriate tools… Read More

Developing a Social Networking Strategy White Paper Released

Siteworx, Inc. has released a new white paper titled, “Developing a Social Networking Strategy: A  Strategic Approach to Applying Social Media to Sales, Marketing and Operations.” The paper provides an overview of the dramatic shift in communication brought about by social networking technologies including: Best practices in developing social networking strategies for businesses and organizations… Read More

Tap Into Best Practices in E-Mail Marketing

SubscriberMail has great resources on its web site for anyone who wants to get the most out of their e-mail marketing efforts: http://www.subscribermail.com/ The EMAIL MARKETING BEST PRACTICES area of the website has a ton of terrific information and guidance. But before you leave the home page to dive in, be sure to download the… Read More