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Edit Your Online Content Like a Pro

Creating great content means more than writing. Every word needs to be edited and proofread before you hit publish. Writing gets all your ideas together, editing refines for impact and effectiveness, and proofing (hopefully) catches any errors before anything gets published. First, Have a Content Writing Process and Assign Roles The first step in publishing […]

before you publish

Do This Before You Publish

You are in a groove with producing content for your online marketing. Great! Make sure you get the most from your efforts, by minding these important factors before you publish each piece of content. Search Engine Optimization Take a look at the content. Are your important keywords included? Can more be built in? Do all […]

Hook the Reader with a Great Headline

The headline or title is the most important part of your content. In the case of email, make that the subject line. It is the first thing people read and it is what they use to decide if they will read further. Write the headline last, after you know exactly what content it will represent. […]