Relationship Marketing Trends

These Social Media Trends Boost Relationship Marketing

Last year changed a lot of things including social media. Current trends in video use, e-commerce and social listening have potential to enhance relationship marketing impact.

Social media will continue to  play a role in how brands interact with their audience, share content and break into new markets.

More Opportunities for Video Content

Video content online gets attention. TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube are all demonstrating that video can connect brands with their audience. A recent report by Zenith Media predicts that the average person will watch 100 minutes of video daily in 2021.

Marketers should make use of the power of short videos, live streaming, and Instagram stories to define their company’s voice, put a human face on thought leadership, and create compelling content. Video content makes connections and generates engagement. It is an essential relationship marketing tool today and will continue to increase in importance.

Let Listening Be Your Guide

It is not enough to post content on social. You need to listen and let the information you learn guide your efforts.

Listening, or paying attention to what others are saying and doing online, lets you know what people are interested in, how audiences are reacting to messages, and to address customer needs.

Listening and engaging with content from others lets marketers add their voice to important content. This solidifies relationship online as being a two-way exchange and expands the brand audience beyond followers.

E-commerce Presents Opportunities

E-commerce is flourishing on digital platforms. People are doing more and more of their buying online and brands that offer that experience are poised to meet their needs. Create all-in-one experiences where people can learn about what you offer and make a purchase.