prepare for your live (or recorded) video

Tips for Great Video Content

Most social platforms support video. Many allow you to “go live” with video. Others allow you to upload or link something you have recorded. Either way, video is a great option for your digital marketing, because live videos get attention.

Not every video is eye-worthy. Here are some things to consider as you prepare for your live (or recorded) video.

Research models.

Before you jump in, take a look at what others have done. Watch a few live videos and decide what you like and what works well. Your competitors and other brands that target the same or similar audiences can be a great source of inspiration.

Have a message that your audience cares about.

Your live videos must add value to your audience. Know what your intention for the video is and what you want your audience to get from it. This will help focus what you say and do on the video.

Have a plan.

Have an outline of what you will share, talk about or demonstrate in your video. Plan for visuals and props. Decide who will be part of the video and make sure everyone has an outline to follow.

With an outline, you’ll feel more comfortable about what’s coming next, enabling you to concentrate on simply following the defined steps.

Tell a story.

Make sure you tell a story with a beginning, middle, and end. Stories are most likely to capture attention. The format also helps everyone to understand your message.