search engine optimization for brands

Tips for Your Daily SEO Routine

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a long term effort. To achieve good SEO and to maintain your rank requires regular attention. Here are the things you need to attend to in your daily SEO routine.

Keep a Steady Stream of Fresh Content

Content is important to rank. Regularly add new content and keep existing content up to date. You don’t have to publish a new post every day. Set a schedule that works for you and stick to it.

If you don’t have time to write a new article, it’s useful to have a list of content that was published in the past that can be refreshed and republished.

New content can also take the form of comments and responses. Be sure to engage with everyone who comments on your content online.

Add Links

Look for places to interconnect content within your website, and from your website to other sites. Both internal and external links support SEO goals. As your site grows, look for ways to interconnect related content with links.

Maintain Your Site

Don’t let your site get out of date. Make sure you comply with the latest dos and don’ts for SEO. It is easier to stay on top of the latest than catch up after falling behind. Worse, lagging on these items can take your website completely offline!

  • Keep software updated
  • Unpublish outdated content
  • Keep your secure certificate active
  • Update keywords and schema

Watch Your Data

Monitor your Google analytics regularly. Google Analytics has a ton of interesting data you can use to optimize your website. Pay attention to where your web traffic is coming from and what information people are accessing most. This can give you insight into content that isn’t of interest any more, as well as topics you should add more about.

Keep Other Online Efforts in Sync with Your Website

If you are active on one or more social media platforms, regularly posting updates for your followers is a good way of showing that your account is alive and kicking. You can not only share your blog posts, but also pictures you take, events from your daily life, other articles you find interesting, and so on. You know your audience best, you know what they’ll like. And, while you’re at it, also try to regularly interact with people leaving comments on your social media pages to keep them engaged.