use business skills to give back

Using Business Skills to Give Back

Guest Post by Amy Newton, Owner of Amy Newton Public Relations, LLC

Volunteering is a wonderful way to give back to your community. And if you are a business owner, you can also use your business skills to give back.

There are many ways small business owners can volunteer their business skills and expertise. For example, a public relations practitioner can assist with writing and promotions; a business coach can assist with helping charitable organizations develop their plans and goals; or a home service provider can assist with repairs or other home services to fulfill an organization’s needs. Whatever service your business offers, there is more than likely an organization that has a need for it.

Have you thought about volunteering your business skills, but you’re wondering about taking the next step? Below are a few points to help you make your decision.

Think of the Why

This is a deep question, but think about why you want to offer your business skills for a volunteer effort. Also, think about if your volunteer effort is to fulfill a one-time need, or if you plan on volunteering for a longer term.

Select What Speaks to You

Select an organization that speaks to you. Not only will you be helping an organization that needs your assistance and expertise, but it will also fulfill you on a personal level.

Manage Your Time

Time is valuable for small business owners. You spend time maintaining your business (administrative duties), growing your business (networking and PR/marketing projects), and conducting business (client meetings and completing services). And don’t forget about time for your personal life!

Before you volunteer your time, think about how much time you have to offer. Are you able to commit to two hours of volunteer service a week (about 8-10 hours a month depending), or are you able to commit to two hours of volunteer service a month?

Think about what realistically works with your business and personal life schedule and evaluate from there how much time you can commit to volunteer efforts.

Giving of your time and talents to help an organization that needs your assistance and expertise can be extremely fulfilling. Consider volunteering your business skills to give back.

About the Author

Amy Newton is the owner of Amy Newton Public Relations, LLC, located in Loudoun County Virginia.