Meta descriptions influence SEO

Website Meta Descriptions Are Mega Important

Google displays a brief description with most web page results – this content is the meta description of the page. Since this text influences whether your link will get clicked, having the right content is mega important.

It there is no meta description designated, the first 150 characters or so of the page will be used. Depending on how your page is constructed, that content might not make any sense!

The ideal meta description is about 150 characters and summarizes a page’s content. Search engines show it in search results mostly when the searched-for phrase is within the description.

Meta Descriptions Earn Clicks

Search engines don’t use meta descriptions in their ranking algorithm but the descriptions are valuable for SEO.

  • Search engines use meta description content to determine if a page might be relevant to a searcher
  • Page click-through-rate DOES factor into the ranking algorithm

What Makes a Good Meta Description

  • 120-155 characters long
  • Active voice/actionable, motivating user to click
  • Uses keywords
  • Accurately reflects the content of the page

Set Yourself Up for success

If you have no idea how to set the meta description field for you website content talk to your web support. This is as essential as the content on the page. You need to be able to write the description for each page and to change it as needed.

Once you have access to this field, don’t accept any default content. Write the best description for each page based on the guidance above. Update them as content changes or keywords change.