Know your key differentiator

Your Value Proposition Matters Most

How do you rise above the clutter of all the online content out there? Simple – maintain a laser focus on your value proposition. Know what makes your brand different from the rest. All your messaging and branding needs to come from the value proposition.

Defining Your Value Proposition

To get to your value proposition, first identify the benefits your product or service offers. What makes these benefits valuable to your customer? What makes your product or service the best fit for your customer?

Connect your value to your customer’s problem or need. Your value proposition is what makes you the best choice to meet that need.

Provide Content that Illustrates Your Value

Your online content should illustrate and support your value. Do that in stories, testimonials, how-to’s, infographics, and more. All of your content should support your value proposition.

Use these approaches to illustrate your value:

  • Address common questions on your website and in social posts
  • Share testimonials
  • Write blog posts
  • Attend and/or present at events
  • Share independent articles and other content, along with your take from your unique value
  • Create illustrating videos
  • Compose infographics
  • Develop memes

Your Focus Creates Clarity

Your clear and consistent focus on your value proposition creates clarity for current and potential customers. It makes your value clear. Now your content rises above the clutter and contributes to lead generation and business development. Win!


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